1940's Hexagon Shape Brown Beaded Purse


What a fantastically fancy evening bag! Fabulous neutral brown with brownish/copper beads to go with nearly any outfit! This beauty has a full mirror in the top, so you can check ALL your makeup! :D

The 1940's style of this bag would look perfect with those Joan Crawford shoulder pads and platform wedges! Considering it's age, it's in really good condition. The hinge and clasp are still solid, the strap is sturdy, and the lining is in amazing condition, except for minor fading.
The mirror does have some natural degredation/spotting, which is perfectly normal for it's age. The flaws are mostly around the perimeter of the mirror (as shown in the photo), and a few minor spots speckled around. It really is in great shape. (I had to photoshop out most of the reflection, unfortunately - you don't want to see my face LOL).

The beads are in very good shape - there are a few minor bald spots, mostly around the edges, as shown in the photos. But I would say a good 90-95% of the beading is in tact. There are a couple spots where you can see the thread barely starting to come out, but you can certainly repair as you see fit.

Overall, this is a stunning bag. Calem is a great brand, and I've seen many of their purses stand the test of time, with little to no wear.


Point to point (longest measurement): 6.5" across
Side to side (flat parts - shorter measurement): 5.75" across
Approximately 3" high (3.25" high if you include the beads)
Length of each side: 3.5"
Strap Length: 15"

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